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Our story

We started out with the mission of making insurance simple, accessible, and relevant for the 21st century, and chose the name for a reason. A quilt is the perfect symbol for how we’re changing insurance from something everyone needs, but no one likes, into something much greater.

So why the name? A quilt…

  • Covers and protects (the definition of insurance)
  • Is personal and handmade, not corporate and mass produced
  • Is functional, simple, and easy to use

The different patches of a quilt are pieced together to cover you from head to toe. That’s not how insurance works today, where you buy different kinds of insurance from different companies. Our vision for Quilt is a cohesive patchwork of products stitched together to fit you perfectly.

Tech lets us deliver on that promise, but it’s really the human element of the Quilt team that makes us special. We’re just starting out, and there’s a lot of work to be done, but we’re committed to making insurance simple and personal.

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