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Quilt is not an insurance company, instead we provide the products and services of our admitted insurance carrier partners licensed to sell insurance in your state. Not all products are available in all states. Quilt is paid commissions and may receive other performance-based compensation for its services.
  1. Be submitted by the owner or representative of the copyrighted material in writing or email.
  2. Provide enough contact information to identify the owner of the copyrighted material and address, phone number, email address, and company information.
  3. If filed by a representative, explain your relationship to the copyright owner.
  4. List and describe infringing content with sufficient detail for us to identify it in the Quilt Tools and identify it as infringing on your copyrighted material.
  5. Include a link to the relevant material, if you require the link itself to be disabled, or the exact location where it may be found.
  6. State that the owner has, in good faith, a belief that the use of the described copyrighted material is not authorized by the owner, any agent, or by law. Can they apply the fair use doctrine?
  7. Provide a signed acknowledgement (on paper or electronically), under penalty of perjury, of the accuracy of the information in your complaint.
  • Do: The right thing. Obey the law, be fair, and honor the rights of others. Protect others from discrimination, abuse, porn, lies, phishing, or spam. Pledge to make Quilt stronger, not weaker. Stay out of others’ accounts.
  • Do: Spark joy in others. Show kindness when someone suffers from loss. Share who you are and what you love with others. Choose to laugh or smile when you could cry or frown.
  • Do: Aim for exceptional. Keep offering ways to make things better. Be your best self, even when it’s tough. Use your own story, words, and pictures because they're better than any copyrighted content.
  • Do: Keep it simple. Use Quilt to find support from your community and cover what matters most to you. Call us on legalese, when it’s not necessary. Let us know where there is waste or complexity.
  • Do: Be open minded. Listen and learn about different ways to live and solve problems. Speak and act in a peaceful, respectful way. Look for what makes us alike. Try new things.
  • Do: Get things done. Make progress on your goals. When something is wrong, say so. Fix or update your account if it needs it. Anticipate the needs of others.

  • Don’t: Do anything illegal. Don't share or post copyrighted material that you don’t own. Don’t pretend to be something or someone you aren't, or mislead anyone.
  • Don’t: Harm others. It is not okay to discriminate, harass, or harm others. The words and things that you share with the community matter. Nothing that makes someone feel unwelcome or unsafe is ever allowed on our site or tools.
  • Don't: Be a lone wolf. Don't stay silent if you see something wrong. Don't hold back if you can help another person in the Quilt Community. Don't hesitate to reach out for help.
  • Don’t: Break things. Don't flood or mail-bomb our systems or community. Don't add software, programs, links, or viruses that try to spy on, divert, or hurt our community or systems. Don’t use our site and tools to test, break, break into, overload, or exploit security weaknesses in our or third party systems.
  • Don't: Distract from our mission. We are all part of Quilt to live our best lives, become whole after a loss, and cover what we love. It is not okay to advertise yourself or someone else. Make every post unique, valuable, and relevant. So, no spam allowed.